In-School / After School

We partner with schools and organizations serving girls to deliver our programming during the school year. If you are interested in Spring or Fall 2020, please connect with us!

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Summer Intensives

Our summer intensives are week-long all-day sessions dedicated to one of our core subjects: STEM, Creative, Entrepreneurship or Business.

If you are an organization interested in partnering with us or a parent, please contact us.

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College Programs

This year we are launching new initiatives dedicated to college-age women who are interested in the beauty industry. We recently announced a new initiative in partnership with Ready to Beauty. If you are an institution or student who would like more information, please contact us here.

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Our Mission

Beauty BizCamp® seeks to empower girls and young women to reshape their ideas about beauty. We organize workshops, camps and special education programs to equip students with the tools and confidence to become the next generation of consumers, image advocates, and industry leaders. We are redefining the world of beauty one image at a time.

Our Culture Credo

We Believe in the Power of Beauty

We Also Believe in the Infinite Power of Girls

We Show Them How to Use Beauty As A Catalyst to Empower Themselves

We Teach Girls and Young Women How to Use Beauty to Create Successful Careers Using Skills in STEM, Artistry, Business, and Entrepreneurship

We Use Beauty To Change Lives

Partner With Us

We run independent programs and partner with organizations working to benefit the lives of girls. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please let us know!