Our Mission

We Empower Girls and Young Wom


We organize workshops, camps and special education programs to equip students with the tools and confidence to become the next generation of consumers, image advocates and industry leaders. 

We Reshape Your Ideas About Beauty

We are redefining the world of beauty one image at a time. We also believe that beauty can be used as a catalyst to change the world.

About The Founder

Corynne L. Corbett


Corynne L. Corbett is a recognized beauty and lifestyle expert and an accomplished media professional with more than twenty years of experience who has spent her career helping women and girls celebrate their beauty inside and out. She has held senior editorial positions at ELLE, Heart & Soul, MODE and Essence as well as consulted with beauty brands ranging from IMAN to Maybelline and Clinique. 

She is merging her beauty experience with technology to provide underserved audiences — particularly communities of color, from Gen-X to Gen-Z — opportunities to define beauty for themselves, advocate for their needs, and acquire the skills to take a seat at the table in the beauty industry.