Behind the Beauty


Insiders take you behind-the-scenes of the beauty industry and offer insights

into the best careers available across the industry and what it takes to prepare for a career within the business.

Behind the Products


A closer look at how beauty products are created. From the initial

concept, to R&D, to creating consumer excitement. Plus learn the role that media and influencers play in telling the product story online and in-stores

Behind the Glam


An in-depth and exploration of trends in action. Industry experts will provide the inside scoop on everything from creating looks for the runway, to crafting a celebrity statement on the red carpet and how beauty is interpreted for various mediums including television, film and live performances. 

Be A Beauty Boss

 Discover what a successful beauty entrepreneurs need to know—from developing an idea to setting the right price, and getting your first customer. Plus, lesson learned from women and girls who have made the journey 

The Pretty Principles


Develop an understanding of how the beauty industry can be a force for good through social change. Learn how beauty products you develop can have local, national and global impact. 

Beyond the Pretty


You are more than what you see in the mirror. Explore your identity, what makes you unique and discover what you are really passionate about so you can create a vision for your life. Plus, learn how to identify, decode and discard the negative media messages.