What I loved most about the BBC program was the freedom of creativity that was fostered by Corynne and her staff. They asked us what we wanted an helped us bring those visions to light. BBC was at least for me, the first time I saw myself as a creative and as an entrepreneur. The independence and confidence that was instilled, fueled me going into my junior and senior years of high school. 

Looking back on my time in BBC, I have used that introduction into the beauty business to not only continue making body products of my own. I have also used Mind Mapping and Visions Boards as techniques to advance my thoughts and plans well into my college career, which is now coming to a close. I feel more confident as a collaborator, a leader and a Woman due to my BBC experience.”—Adrienne, a former camper

Beauty BizCamp was one of the most exciting things that I’ve ever gotten to experience as a teenager. As someone growing up in foster care, dealing with depression and anxiety, I didn’t have anything much to push me. Attending Beauty BizCamp not only gave me a voice, but I discovered my true passion for makeup. I was able to bond with other young girls like myself and meet the most inspiring people I never dreamed of meeting. I became a person again and I cannot thank the Beauty BizCamp family enough, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” –Christina

“I think BBC brings great value to young women. The program allows young women to learn about and get hands-on experience that they otherwise would not learn about. BBC is the kind of program I wished I could have attended when I was a teenager.”—Melissa Flores, Blogger/Vlogger, former speaker

“Beauty BizCamp provides valuable connections, resources, and experiences for girls and young women of color, that they don’t have access to anywhere else. It’s crucial for them to learn the other side of beauty, such as product testing, marketing, researching and identifying trends. They should know how a lipstick or a fragrance moves from concept to being sold in Sephora. They should understand why it is so huge that Fenty Beauty sales were larger than Kylie Cosmetics. Beauty BizCamp gives participants an insider’s guide to beauty. It was an honor to create a workshop for young women who look like me and share similar backgrounds and traditions. My favorite part of the workshop was hearing the camper’s reaction to how mainstream appropriates beauty trends—like nail art—that start in black and brown communities, and then get remixed for the masses for profit without proper credit.” –Taiia Smart Young, Chief Storyteller, Smart Girl Media,  a former speaker